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Wrist Watches For Sale
1950's Rolex BubbbleBack
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-  One of the most sought after, rare and collectible  watch's Rolex has ever produced.  This 18K Gold - 1950's BubbleBack,  Auto-Rotor, creme honeycomb dialed wrist watch defines "Classic!"   Serious  collectors dream of adding this excellent timekeeping piece to their  collection!

-  BubbleBack - A.K.A. - Ovettone  or "little egg" in  Italian, represents an incredible step forward in "perpetual motion" or  "Rolex Oyster Perpetual" self-winding movement.

-  Lizard band and Rolex buckle - they literally don't make  them like this any more!  Don't pass up on the opportunity at hand to own  this watch!

2004 Invicta S1 Concept Skeleton Watch
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- 2004 Invicta 2284 (NOT the 2285) S1 Concept Skeleton  Automation with Original Rosewood Box,  Presentation Dome and Paperwork.

- Movement:  Swiss Automatic ETA modified 2824 -  given it's own caliber~Valjoux 7851

- Framework/Dial:  Skeleton 23K Gold Framework- Bezel:  Stainless Steel with the "Invicta" name at  the bottom.- Crystal:  Sapphire Domed Crystal

- Band:  LOOK Closely  at this band - it has the Invicta "Radiator Grill" literally built into it.   The band is a distressed brown leather that looks like a vintage Pilots  Jacket. 

- Buckle:  Invicta prong buckle.

- Case Back:  Stainless Steel with an Exhibition  crystal.

- Rotor:  Custom Blue Rotor that really gives this  watch a final awesome touch!- Diameter:  Approximately 40mm without the crown.

- Original Retail:  $3600- Overall Condition:  Very Fine - Look at the  Supersized Photos for closer inspection!

- Overall Review:  If you love Formula 1 racing or  racing or anything associated with High Performance - If you love Skeleton  watches - If you love Extremely Rare watches then this is the watch you'll  want to add to your collection.  These are very hard to find and do not  come up often in this condition.  Again, note that this watch comes  with its Original Rosewood Dome Display Box and Original Papers!

Invicta - Lupah 2511 SOLD
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Waltham - American Waltham Watch CO,    A.W.W. Co. Ball Watch Co. Burlington Watch Co. - (1)
Elgin Hamilton Hampden
E. Howard Hebdomas 
(& Hebdomas Style)
NY Standard Rockford South Bend
Peoria   Swiss or European
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Watches Available
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  -  1919 Burlington Watch Co.  -  Model: Nine - Open Face - Gold Train Wheels
  -  Grade: 107  -  21 Jewels - Rubies in raised Gold settings 
  -  Adjusted: 5 Positions  -  Engraving: Gold Filled 
  -  Roller: Double  -  Size: 16
  -  Railroad Grade: Yes  -  Lever Set 
  -   Case:  Open Face - Screw on Bezel and back - CHALLENGE made by NAWCO (North American Watch Co.) - 14K Gold Filled.  This is a Brilliantly beautiful case that shows VERY little wear!  The back has a clean box ready for it's next owners customization.  The outer edge of the case has fantastic intricate etch work!  Please look closely at the super sized photos as a picture speaks a thousand words!
  -  Hands:  Matching blue Hour, Minute and Second hands with circles on the ends. 
  -  Dial:  Beautiful Montgomery Porcelain Enamel Dial.  There is chipping on the bottom outer section of dial from 25 to 33.  There is al the slightest of hairline crack trying to make its way out at the 57 minute marker.  Please look closely at the provided Super Size Photos! 
  -  Crystal:  Plastic Crystal.   
-  Serviced - This watch has recently been serviced and calibrated.
  • By serviced I mean it has been fully disassembled with all parts inspected.  All Jewels were inspected to ensure they were not cracked or chipped, cleaned and polished.  All cap jewels were removed for proper cleaning and oiling.  Watch was cleaned, re-inspected, reassembled, oiled and calibrated.
  • The mainspring was not replaced during servicing. 
  • Watch runs well in all positions!  
    • Cleaning:  Vibrograf Mark V Ultrasonic, L&R T-9 and/or L&R Master Watch Cleaning Machine(s)
    • Calibration:  Vibrograf MU 700
    • Oil and Grease products: Moebius
-  Overall Review:  This beautiful 21 jewel 14k gold filled case shows off a wonderful Montgomery style dial making it a truly fantastic looking pocket watch! 

We are currently NOT accepting servicing requests.

A Flat Service Fee of $250 will be assessed for each pocket watch sent in for basic service.
Basic Service includes:
  • Complete Disassembly of Pocket Watch
  • Inspection for broken parts
  • All Jewels are inspected for cracks and chips.  All cap jewels are removed and are cleaned and polished.
  • Cleaned and Polished Ultrasonically - More delicate movements are cleaned using an agitation cleaning machine and hand cleaned.
  • Reassembled
  • Oiled and Lubricated
  • Calibrated and Adjusted for best Time Accuracy
  • Light Case Polishing
  • Deep Case Polishing available for an $8 additional fee
  • Dial will be cleaned - if possible
Products  and Equipment used in Servicing
  •  Cleaning Equipment
    • Vibrograf  Mark V Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
    • L&R Watch cleaning machines and L&R Ultrasonic
  • Cleaning Solutions
    • L&R, Zenith - Cleaning, Polishing and Lubricating Solutions
  • Oils & Greases
    • Moebius & Nye oils and greases
  • Calibrating Equipment
    • Timing Machine - Vibrograf MU 700
An estimate will be given prior to servicing. 
  1. Unforeseen problems that may cause delays or inability to completely repair your pocket watch include, but are not limited to;
  2. Bent staff, cracked or missing jewel, tangled hairspring, excessive wear to any and all parts, unavailable replacement parts.
We will try and give you the most accurate quote upfront if foreseeable issues require attention.  From there you can let us know how you wish to proceed.  We will not begin any work until we are all on the same page and in agreement as to the terms and conditions of the service and/or required repairs.
Any replacement parts and extra services will require
additional charges.

The Basic Service Fee of $250 does not include a crystal replacement, mainspring replacement or deep case polishing.
Please send us an email notifying us that you are sending in your pocket watch for servicing:   service@hours2seconds.com

We recommend that you send your pocket watches
with tracking and insurance.
Turn time depends on our current workload and factors associated with the watch.  Average service time is 5-6 weeks.
We'd Like To Buy Your Pocket Watches!!!

If you're interested in a quote, please send us an email with the following information:
  • Description of Pocket Watch

    Watch Movement Maker - i.e. Hamilton, Waltham, Illinois, Hampden, Patek Philippe

    Description of Pocket Watch Case
    • Case Material - i.e. Gold Filled, Nickel, Coin Silver
    • Open faced or Hunting Case
    • Screw Back & Bezel
    Description of Pocket Watch functionality

    Runs great 

    Runs for a while then stops

    Does not run at all

    Will not wind

    Give as much of a description of the watch as possible. 

    If there is a historical presence to the Pocket Watch please let us know!!

Please attach as many of the following close up photos you feel necessary when sending email:
- Watch Dial - that's the front of the watch
- Watch Movement - that's the inside working part of the watch
- Watch Case - take pictures of any and all major markings
- Watch Crystal and Bezel - note in email if either is missing

CLICK HERE to send email to: quote@hours2seconds.com

If using Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, AOL...please manually send your quote request to:  quote@hours2seconds.com
Subject:  Quote Request
WWII TM 9-1575
War Department Technical Manual
Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches,
Stop Watches, and Clocks
ON CD in .PDF format.  
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 $9.99  - Free Shipping in the U.S.A.      
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Please ask questions before making a purchase.  We have a 14 day return policy.  Buyer pays return shipping cost.  Item must be returned in identical condition.
Military Watches & Accessories
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Wrist Watch Band
19 mm x 254 mm New Authentic Hamilton Green Nylon Strap Military Watch Band SOLD  
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